"Ian, Kaiulani, and I returned to San Diego on Tuesday. We had a wonderful time on the Revolutionary War bike tour with you on Monday. Thank you for creating this wonderful opportunity to visit Concord and the battle road and to learn about that time in our history. I'm sure my grandchildren will better understand the events and the times when they read their American history textbooks in school." - Larry

Concord Bike Tours

Choose one of our popular routes, or customize an excursion - imagine biking down the actual Battle Road where the Revolutionary War began, or cycling and spending time to help out at a local organic farm that donates all of its produce to area food pantries and meal programs.

Concord's streets are lined with historic houses, local farms abound, and the scenery is unbelievable - biking engages the rider with the surroundings. We look forward to showing you Concord, Massachusetts. Watch tour highlights here.

Responding to the demand for Concord tours, we are now offering alternative tour options through a new division, known as Concord EvenTours.

New tours include: Walking Tours, Step-On Bus Tours, Car Ride Along Tours, and Educational Outreach Programs with Costumed Guides. Read More.

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